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Sunday, October 24, 2021
social media eating disorders

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October 23, 2021 7:10:58 pm

Influencers in fashion, beauty and fitness have been accused of promoting eating disorders. Experts say that fitness influencers in particular can often serve as a funnel to draw young people into extreme online eating disorder communities,free pragmatic play slots

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October 23, 2021 9:10:11 am

"During the time of the donation, next of kin’s consent is required in the presence of two witnesses to allow the donation to take place," said Nikkhil K Masurkar,betwa river dam

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October 22, 2021 9:40:41 pm

Every counselling session has a therapeutic aspect. It does not give solutions, but helps bring down depression and anxiety,free bingo slots

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October 22, 2021 7:10:29 pm

tenis score,The actor said when she was making her recovery, her doctor had put her on a diet that didn't have sugar or alcohol

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October 22, 2021 5:30:50 pm

bet365 online casino,On the occasion of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is October, the actor-comedian encouraged other people to get themselves screened for breast cancer

gut health

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October 22, 2021 4:30:44 pm

free roulette games no download,Nutritionist Minacshi Pettukola, recently, shared four signs of poor gut health that you should not miss

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month, cardiac arrest, heart attack, heart health, cardiac arrest in youngsters, being physically fit, heart attack in youngsters, indian express news

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October 22, 2021 10:00:52 am

football betting predictions tomorrow,'Heart attack' and 'sudden cardiac arrest' are two terms that are often used interchangeably, even though both are different; find out more

orange juice

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October 21, 2021 6:20:12 pm

cska moscow fc,"Orange juice consists of anti-inflammatory agents and compounds like flavonoids, hesperidin and naringenin which helps in the proper functioning of the body and its organs," said dietician Sakina Diwan

gut health, ayurveda

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October 21, 2021 11:30:33 am

ind scor,"We all know by now that 'we are not what we eat rather what we digest'. Ayurveda gives some great guidance for eating, especially when it comes to digestion," Dr Dixa Bhavsar said

tics tourette

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October 20, 2021 6:20:59 pm

Dr Praveen Gupta said that tics, which happen due to Tourette Syndrome can be genetic, or environmental which includes motor and visual tics,football games online free


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October 20, 2021 4:40:22 pm

Follow these simple and effective tips to stay healthy this festive season,football betting free tips

spinal fungal infection

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October 20, 2021 3:00:14 pm

Many pathogens like bacteria, mycobacterium sp (tuberculous bacteria) and very rarely fungi affect the spinal disc and bone leading to infective spondylodiscitis and vertebral osteomyelitis, said Dr Harshal Bamb, spine surgeon.,betika login

World Osteoporosis Day, World Osteoporosis Day 2021, osteoporosis, osteoporosis in women, osteoporosis causes, osteoporosis treatment, what is osteoporosis, postmenopausal osteoporosis, indian express news

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October 20, 2021 1:20:22 pm

free credit kiss 918,A woman may experience several symptoms before reaching menopause, and premenopausal osteoporosis is one of them

Breast Cancer Awareness Month, breast cancer screenings, mammograms, what are mammograms, when are mammograms needed, why are mammograms important, indian express news

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October 20, 2021 11:30:59 am

flash games 247,Younger women do not believe they are at risk of breast cancer. But, it can strike at any age.

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October 20, 2021 10:00:48 am

Hint: It is not boiled eggs,bet on it


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October 19, 2021 6:20:46 pm

Dr Ravi Shekhar Jha said that mixing of vaccines is not recommended as "every vaccine is made differently and may react differently for different people".,casino royale theme

crying rooms, mental health, mental health awareness

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October 19, 2021 5:00:14 pm

soccer club uk,"It is a really excellent idea to visualise the mental health issue. It is stigmatised to cry in Spain as in many other countries," said Jon Nelssom, a Swedish student.

Covid in children

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October 19, 2021 4:30:59 pm

As per doctors, while there is an increase in paediatric respiratory cases they are non-Covid at present. ,themush415

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October 18, 2021 6:20:31 pm

india online,"It’s one of those grains that most of us should be having more of," said ayurvedic counsellor Pooja.

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October 18, 2021 4:40:46 pm

Educate yourself about social anxiety disorder (SAD). Understand their symptoms, triggers, possible reaction and coping methods, Therapist and counsellor Sarla Totla recommended,football games offline


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October 18, 2021 11:30:41 am

casumo no deposit bonus codes 2019,"I love garlic. I feel when I ferment it even in vinegar (good quality) it multiplies its benefits," said nutritionist Shonali Sabherwal

mood boosting foods, dark chocolate

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October 17, 2021 7:11:58 pm

free fishing frenzy slots,Many studies have found an association between food and brain health; read more

Neha Dhupia, Neha Dhupia motherhood, Neha Dhupia new mothers, Neha Dhupia news, Neha Dhupia taking care of new moms, Neha Dhupia post pregnancy, indian express news

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October 17, 2021 4:16:05 pm

live scocer,"We all know what it takes to be a mom! Today we want you to treat her with some TLC"

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October 17, 2021 11:20:29 am

themush415,The food you eat plays a key aspect in determining your overall health and immunity

microbiome tests, New York Times

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October 16, 2021 8:30:36 pm

Scientists have identified gut microbes that are linked to insulin resistance, obesity and metabolic diseases,football betting free tips