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Thursday, October 21, 2021
Captain America, Captain America infinity war, infinity war
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gocricket live,Captain Marvel 2 director Nia DaCosta has said that the blame for Thanos’ snap that decimated half the universe lies on Captain America’s shoulders. And she does have a point, come to think about it.

Superman, Superman kashmir, Superman injustice, injustice
October 21, 2021 12:51:46 pm

The clip from Injustice, that went viral on social media, had Superman making short work of an aircraft, with a voice-over saying he along with Wonder Woman destroyed "every piece of military equipment", and declared Kashmir an "arms-free" zone.,football betting games at home

Netflix employees trans protest
October 21, 2021 10:23:12 am

A pre-noon rally at a Netflix office-studio complex drew about 100 people, most on the side of an estimated 30 workers at the streaming giant that joined in afterward.,bet365 customer service

eternals harry styles marvel
October 21, 2021 8:18:50 am

As per reports, Harry Styles appears in the post-credit scene of Eternals as Eros aka Starfox. An inhabitant of Titan, Eros is the brother of Thanos.,p andujar

Salma Hayek Eternals
October 20, 2021 8:04:49 pm

Salma Hayek plays Ajak, the wise and spiritual leader at the heart of the story, who has the ability to heal and is the "bridge" between the Eternals and their creators called the Celestials.,betfair android app

Eternals release
October 20, 2021 7:59:13 pm

In Eternals, Kumail Nanjiani plays Eternal Kingo who can project cosmic energy projectiles from his hands. While living on Earth, he lives undercover as a popular Bollywood star to blend in with the humans.,football locks 2020 2021

Gal Gadot
October 20, 2021 8:39:59 am

Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman in the DC Universe, revealed that director Joss Whedon was aggressive towards her on the sets of 2017's Justice League. ,football betting games at home

marvel release delay
October 19, 2021 6:08:53 pm

fallout 76 mr greene,Hollywood studios have shuffled their movie schedules several times during the COVID-19 pandemic. Theater operators are counting on big blockbusters to help lure audiences back after extended closures.

Tom Holland
October 20, 2021 8:39:47 am

Hollywood actor Tom Holland shared a photo of his rumoured girlfriend Zendaya from the premiere of her film Dune in London.,io games

eternals marvel
October 20, 2021 8:31:35 am

Marvel Studios' latest Eternals had a star-studded world premiere in the presence of its entire cast and crew. Angelina Jolie, who plays Thena, arrived with her five kids - Maddox, Vivienne, Knox, Shiloh and Zahara.,free bet casino

Denis Villeneuve
October 19, 2021 11:30:49 am

blackjack ballroom casino sign up,Denis Villeneuve is not the first filmmaker who has dared to fantasise about making Dune, but he’s the first to see his vision realised in a way that might satisfy both fans and novices.

venom 2
October 19, 2021 8:55:30 am

leovegas app,Tom Hardy film Venom: Let There Be Carnage is setting the box office aflame.

October 18, 2021 12:12:59 pm

free caribbean stud poker,BTS's Friends was sung by Jimin and V for their album, Map Of The Soul:7, and will be included in Marvel's Eternals soundtrack.

October 18, 2021 8:30:31 am

Earlier this year, the HFPA received intense backlash after a Los Angeles Times report revealed that the organisation counted zero Black journalists among its then-87 members. ,betaways

DC FanDome 2021
October 18, 2021 8:38:56 am

cricketbet365,DC FanDome churned out thrilling new trailers, teasers and announcements for several films and shows, including The Batman, Shazam 2, Aquaman 2, and The Flash.

mrs doubtfire
October 18, 2021 8:39:29 am

Mrs Doubtfire is a likeable film to sit through its entire two-hour duration. The script also deals with the concept of estrangement, what it does to children, and parenting. ,cricketbet365

Dwayne Johnson
October 18, 2021 8:39:45 am

Dwayne Johnson shared the video on his Twitter account, which sees him transforming into DC's anti-hero, Black Adam. ,footbaal

the batman
October 19, 2021 9:03:02 am

cricketbet365,The Batman trailer: Scheduled to release in March 2022, The Batman is the latest take on the character and sees a plethora of familiar villains, including Paul Dano as Riddler and Colin Farrell as the Penguin.

DC Fandome, the batman, the flash, black adam
October 16, 2021 10:01:30 pm

ligue1,Here are the top panels you should keep an eye out for at DC Fandome 2021, including The Batman, The Flash, Black Adam, among others.

Venom Let there be Carnage
October 17, 2021 10:41:12 am

Venom Let There Be Carnage mid-credits scene is blowing Marvel fans' minds. If you are wondering whether it is necessary to stick around to watch it, the answer is an absolute yes.,4rabet hack

the batman
October 16, 2021 11:34:05 am

blackjack ballroom casino sign up,The Batman trailer will be released during the upcoming DC FanDome event. Meanwhile, take a look at these new posters from the movie.

vin diesel and dwayne johnson
October 14, 2021 3:24:49 pm

Dwayne Johnson opens up about his long-standing feud with former Fast series co-star Vin Diesel, and why he feels they stand at the 'two separate ends of the spectrum.',live ckt scor

William Shatner
October 13, 2021 10:25:44 pm

William Shatner and three fellow passengers hurtled to an altitude of 66.5 miles (107 kilometers) over the West Texas desert in the fully automated capsule, then safely parachuted back to Earth in a flight that lasted just over 10 minutes.,winwinlottery

eternals marvel cast
October 13, 2021 4:01:39 pm

Eternals explores the very creation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe itself, and deals with the world in the aftermath of Avengers. ,football games download

Jennifer Lawrence
October 13, 2021 3:03:55 pm

football betting sites uk new,Jennifer Lawrence-starrer No Hard Feelings is touted as an R-rated comedy in the vein of Tom Cruise's 1983 film Risky Business and Cameron Diaz-starrer Bad Teacher.